The Best of NYFW’s Spring 2017 Trends

March marks the beginning of the spring season! While the temperatures begin to rise, stores start stocking lighter, more feminine clothing as they slap “40% off” stickers on anything remotely related to winter. For me, the most exciting part about spring – besides all the pastel goods sitting on the store shelves – is seeing what new trends will be taking hold in between rain showers, and which trends have come full circle back to the racks. After analyzing the common trends that have been predicted for this season, I can say with full confidence that they are my favorite yet. There’s a perfect mix of ultra-girly and cool-edge vibes among this year’s selection, as we all knew there would be, but also some trends I honestly wasn’t expecting. (Bras as outerwear? NYFW seems to get stranger every year…) I must admit that while I do enjoy predicting and confirming trends in the fashion and beauty world, I do not always follow them. That, however, might just change this year. There will always be strange trends and some creative ensembles at NYFW, after all, if every outfit was created for an afternoon of running errands, there’d be no creativity in the shows at all! What I did notice this year was that a lot of the more over-the-top looks could be modified and toned down, and they became perfect for a night out with friends, or even just running errands all day.


Florals 2017

Sources: PopSugar, TheCut, Vogue

*Ring ring* Oh better pick up the phone, because we all called this one. When you think of spring fashion, you’re going to think of the two F’s – flowy fabric and florals. It just wouldn’t be a real spring trend if there was no flower motif on something, so why not put it on everything? With so many variations of floral patterns, there’s an option for everyone on the style spectrum this spring.



White for Spring

Sources: Vogue, TheFashionSpot , Vogue

Spring is usually seen as a “new beginning” since it’s when everything seems to come back to life, so white being one of the major colors this season isn’t all that surprising. White, though it seems so simple, is one of the best colors to include in your spring palette, due to the fact it flatters anyone and everyone as long as you pick the right undertones. What I like most about this trend is the way the designers use it in dresses, especially the middle one. Using lace and crystal detailing around the neckline gives off such a feminine, angelic vibe, which I absolutely adore. There were several outfits that had the stark contrast of black and white between the main pieces, but I really love the contrast of dark hair or dark shoes used in these pictures.

Athleisure Wear

Sources: Vogue, HarpersBazaar , Vogue

For someone who runs a fashion and beauty blog, I don’t always dress like it. I’m glad the comfy, I-Woke-Up-Like-This, athleisure wear trend is picking up still. If I could look this good in a hoodie, I’d get a much better response when explaining my blog while wearing my old sweats at Starbucks. Not to mention the fact that this is great inspiration for outfits to throw on after you hit the gym.* (*Read – if you didn’t really go to the gym but want to look like you did.) The outfit in the middle is really interesting to me, because they took a sports bra and a nice pair of slacks, often seen on two completely opposite sides of the fashion spectrum, and managed to pair them together to look oh-so-chic. Fashion is no longer a black or white ordeal ladies and gents, the gray middle-ground has grown.

Ruffle 2017

Sources: FashionPulse, FashionPulse, FashionPulse

I’ll admit – ruffles intimidate me. Depending on where they’re placed, they can completely make-or-break your figure. For girls with smaller busts, ruffles on the chest are great for accentuating. However, if you’re trying to downplay the girls a bit, you might want to put that ruffled blouse back on the hanger. (But if you’re totally proud of them, take that blouse to the dressing room stat! It’s all body-posi here girl!) The ruffles in this Spring’s NYFW, with the exception of some of the classically over-the-top brands, have all be extremely wearable and flattering for almost every body type in the book. Plus, they incorporate some other predicted trends as well, like the colors khaki and white. I’m especially partial to the white top. It’s casual enough pair with jeans for class, but dressy enough to pair with a skirt or slacks and wear for a night out. It’s pieces like this that I love having in my closet, because I hate spending money on something I will only wear on rare occasions. (My wedding day and prom are the exceptions to this rule.)


Sources: Vogue, Vogue, Vogue

I must admit, the amount of yellow that made its way into NYFW surprised me. Maybe it’s just because, even though yellow is a very common spring color, I often hear girls complaining that they never look good in yellow. The different shades and tones of yellow used in the show really work to prove that that statement is false – you just don’t look good in the wrong kind of yellow. Some girls with lighter complexions may find that pastel yellow shades wash them out, while girls with cooler undertones may find they look awkward in some warm-toned pieces. It’s all about experimentation and finding what you feel good in! I think the raincoat was a really cute touch, seeing as rain is a common theme in April, and the two dresses featured could be used as a classy swimsuit cover. With the right pair of booties, the dress on the end would be perfect for Sunday brunch as well!


 Mixed Earrings

Sources: Vogue, Vogue, Vogue

While I didn’t pay much attention to the new accessory trends, (I didn’t notice that many. I mean – statement earrings have been popular forever it seems) what I did notice was the mixed-earing trend. I think this trend could be extremely cute, especially when done like the model on the far right. Something about an ear cuff and then a dangling earing in a matching metal tone just makes me swoon. I also adore the mixed crystals of the model in the middle. It seems there’s always some unspoken rule that diamonds and pearls should not be worn at the same time, but I think they look adorable together, especially paired with the plain white shirt and statement lip.

Bag Trends

Sources: Vogue, SavoirFlair , Vogue

This season’s handbags come in two sizes – Mary Poppins, or Barbie doll. Tiny handbags and clutches have always made appearances on the runway, so those weren’t exactly surprising to some of us. I think what caught me off guard was just how big the larger bags were. You could probably fit a small country in some of them! I will admit though, it’s exciting. I have bought several large bags to use as carry-ons when we travel, and it’s always sad to put them away because they’re not exactly “purse” size. For moms always on the go, the large bag trend is going to be a savior if you hate the thought of carrying around a bland diaper bag. Plus, the tiny purse trend will still be cute when you’re little one starts carrying her “purse” with her everywhere. My sister is in that stage now, and it’s adorable!


Pop of Color

Source: HarpersBazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan

The pops of color seen in the models’ makeup were phenomenal. You can tell that the makeup artists really chose the colors they would use based on what would flatter the model most, and really make their eyes or skin tone stand out. The pink smoky eye is such a contrast to the cool, pale tone of the model on the far right, and the bright aqua liner on the center model is a gorgeous match to her skin tone. My favorite though is the color-block lip worn by the model on the left. I didn’t notice it at first, but after coming across the close up shots, it looks fantastic. It just goes to show that you can wear bright pops of color, it just has to balance out by keeping the rest of the makeup natural.

Natural Makeup

Sources: Cosmopolitan, Elle, Elle

Speaking of natural, viewers saw a lot of models wearing the no-makeup-makeup look, or even foregoing makeup all together. Hair was left down, with natural texture still in tact. This was really refreshing in a way, as personally I feel that pairing over-the-top makeup with over-the-top outfits just creates too much visual-overload. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy the creative process that goes in to creating the artistic designs some models wear. I just enjoy the way that different designers mix things up to keep the audience interested at all times.

Sleek Hair

Sources: Elle, Cosmopolitan, Cosmopolitan

If hair wasn’t left in its natural state, then it was often sleek, and either tied up or slicked back away from the face, almost to the point of looking wet, as we can see from Kendall’s glamour shot above. This isn’t exactly a new trend, as hair trends tend to always include your natural, untouched texture or it being pin straight. How they get it to be so straight without burning off chunks of hair, I have no clue, but I am fascinated in what product they used to give the “wet but dry” appearance to K-Jenner’s locks.

Shimmer and Shine

Sources: Cosmopolitan, Elle, Cosmopolitan 

Hi, my name is Sydney and I’m a glitter addict. No seriously, I love glitter, so this beauty trend is at the top of my list right now. For one thing, the shimmering, silver cat-eye layered over the dusty rose shadow is giving me serious fairytale vibes. The second model’s eyeshadow honestly baffles me, because somehow they managed to get a clean line between the two shadows, but at the same time make it look like they flow into each other so effortlessly. I would have never thought to combine colors on opposite sides of the color wheel, but it looks so causal and wearable. Maybe its due to the subtle cat eye, or the fact the rest of her makeup is so minimal. NYFW makeup magic at its finest ladies. The glitter lip on the last model is interesting, because usually when I think of glitter lips, I think of very fine, packed on glitter, like what you see in Lime Crime’s Diamond Crusher lippies. The large, patchy flakes of glitter makes the look feminine on its own, but when paired with the dark, graphic liner, it becomes edgy in a sense. I think it’s balance like this that makes this season’s NYFW so appealing to me.

There were dozens of other trends that were featured during the NYFW shows, but these really stood out to me. I plan to try them all at least once before the spring season is over, and I challenge you to do so as well – especially if it’s not something you would usually wear. I think the first step will be to find something with ruffles, like those bell-sleeved blouses I saw all over Instagram last year! As we all know, trends are always popping up at the most random times, so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for you all. Are there any recent trends that you think are going to be sticking around? How about ones you think are going to catch fire soon? Let me know in the comments what your go-to trend will be this year!


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