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I’ve had some serious writer’s block, can you tell? Well…a lot has happened between my last blog post and now. For starters, school let out for summer break on Tuesday. That means, I’m now technically a high school senior – which is honestly terrifying. To think I only have one year left to walk the halls in the town I was raised. Early application opens soon, and I’m looking at Butler, Bellarmine, and Hanover as my top 3 colleges, so fingers crossed! I plan to study Pre-Law and minor in Psychology, then go on to law school! I know it will be tough, but I’m going to do it, I swear!

Speaking of school, on May 6 I attended prom! I didn’t have an actual date so I went with some of my best friends, but honestly, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the night any other way. Our prom theme this year was Footloose, and I don’t think the prom committee could have done a better job with it! All in all, the entire night was fantastic, and I don’t think my feet have ever hurt so much after that night!

Plainfield High School Prom 2017 | Stellar Dolly

Plainfield High School Prom 2017 | Stellar Dolly

Getting ready was not as relaxing as I thought though. I came home from my lacrosse game, showered, and did hair in makeup all in under an hour! That part I could have done without, haha!

Plainfield High School Prom 2017 | Stellar Dolly

Wait! Did you know I played lacrosse? Well I do! I play as goalie for Avon, which is funny if you consider the fact I’m roughly 4’10” tall. This is a sport I never thought I’d be able to play. I mean, when you’re petite, and not exactly athlete material, there isn’t a lot of options for you. I’ve tried everything over the years: volleyball, soccer, cheer, dance, winter guard, you name it. None of them worked out very well, but I really am blessed to play on the team I do. I’ve never been made to feel so welcome by a group of strangers before. Our last game was two weeks ago, and we lost 5-6 in the last 20 seconds, which is pretty impressive.

Avon Girl's Lacrosse 2017Avon Girl's Lacrosse 2017

If you follow my ‘Gram, you’d know I dyed my hair back to it’s original blonde-ginger coloring. I do miss my pink hair, it was a huge part of my identity and played a major role in boosting my confidence. Seriously, you can’t really hide in a crowd when your hair is neon pink! But, it had to be done. My hair was becoming damaged from the bleach, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to maintain it as well this upcoming school year when everything became hectic. Honestly though, I love it! I kind of wish I’d done it sooner.

Avon Girl's Lacrosse 2017 | Stellar Dolly

Honestly, a lot has changed in the couple of months I’ve been away. Some for the better, and some for the worse. But I’ve received a lot of blessings during this time, like meeting some incredible people, receiving some great opportunities, and really impressing myself with some of my finals. (98 on my lap report for AP Physics!) Not to mention, before our last game, I was given the best surprise of my life – my best friend from my volleyball days was there! She’d moved states about 4 years ago and it broke my heart, and I had no idea she was back! You should have seen me crying, all the eyeliner running down my face probably looked hilarious! That doesn’t even include the amazing trips I’m about to take! In 18 days I depart for my soon-to-be second home, Germany, with 8 kids from my class! And in July, I’m on a roadtrip to South Carolina, where I’ll hopefully get some senior pictures taken. We aren’t even halfway through the year yet, but there’s so many amazing opportunities ahead, so I hope you all plan on taking them! It’s better to have some embarrassing moments than a ton of “What if” moments. And I promise I’m getting back into the swing of blogging, I’ve filled a whole page with post ideas just for you guys!

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