Beauty Necessities According to: Garance Doré

Beauty is fleeting…or something like that.

I think it’s safe to say that no one has the same definition of beauty, and no one does their makeup the same way as another. But no matter how many lipsticks you own, mascaras you’ve tried, or what you have stashed in your makeup bag (or your purse. Or your backpack. Or your- yeah you get it.) it’s a good bet that there is going to be 1 or 2 products you reach for every single time.

Not too long ago I picked up the book Love Style Life by Garance Doré, and let me tell you, I’ve read it cover to cover and can’t put it down! There’s so many neat tips, tricks, and tidbits to learn, and the stories she shared melted my heart. My favorite part other than the fashion section (which I’ll cover later) was definitely the beauty tips. She has everything from how to look good in pictures to her big hair change, and my favorite, her beauty necessities. I mean, who doesn’t love finding out other women’s secrets to their flawless makeup? So without further ado, let’s see what Garance has to say…



Ahh yes, the famous red lip. A trend everyone, and I do mean everyone, can pull off. But be careful, you can’t exactly walk into any store, pick out a lipstick, and walk out. Well, I mean, you can, but it’s not recommended. We all have different skin tones and shades, so what looks good on that girl who sits by you in calculus might not look all that great on you. The red lip has so many different shades, undertones, and formulas, it’s hard to get just right. But we can make it easier! Let’s pull out the good ol’ cheat sheet and see…

If you have warm undertones…stick to warm shades! Shades with yellow undertones and orange-red colors will look great on you!

If you have cool undertones…cool shades are your bff! Look for pink-reds and lipsticks with cool undertones.

If you’re neutral…the lipstick aisle is your oyster my friend. Experiment!

For fair skinned beauties…pink-reds suit you well, but be careful not to pick anything too neon or bright without trying it on first. You may find you get washed out!

For the dark skinned goddesses…wine and berry shades look great on you, but if you’re looking for something not-so-dark, go for a true-red color!

Personally, I am loving liquid lipsticks, especially matte ones, like the NYX Liquid Suede collection! Garance says she likes to add a red lip when her outfit needs some sparkle, or when she’s looking to seize the day/night. But hey, rocking the red lip everyday might be your thing!



I was never much of a bronzer girl until I stopped into Sephora, headed straight to the Too Faced kiosk, and saw that gold packaging that instantly stole my heart. I originally had gone in to pick up a new eyeshadow palette and leave but…as you can tell I lack a bit in the self control area. I mean, it smells like CHOCOLATE for crying out loud! Did you really expect me to just walk away. The Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil is one impulse purchase I have yet to regret. It’s light tone looks fantastic on my fair skin, and it goes on like a dream, giving my face just the right amount of sunkissed dimension on days I don’t feel like going all out with the contour, or being the perfect touch when I do. Garance says to apply to your forehead, cheeks, chin, and add a touch to your eyelids for a bright, glowy look.



I never really wore blush often until I found this baked blush from ELF. The only blush I owned was bright and unflattering, something I’d bought for my winter guard performances and planned to throw out ASAP. But when I stumbled upon this beauty, I was in love. Not only does it both blush and highlight, but look how cute (and cheap) it is! It’s easy to throw in my bag and go. Garance’s favorite brand? Chanel, creator of some of the most luxurious products known to the world.



If you ever tell me that I have 10 minutes to do my makeup, there’s always 4 things I will do: Foundation, concealer, mascara, and brows. Growing up I was dirty blonde. If you’ve followed me for a while, back in 8th grade – half of my sophomore year, I was bleach blonde, and now I’m a brunette. In short, my natural brows have almost never matched my hair. So there is no way I will ever be leaving the house without my brows done. Currently, I use a powder from Peek in the color Taupe, and occasionally a brow crayon/pencil from L’oreal. I’ve been tempted to try ABH dipbrow that’s so popular though. Garance’s pick is the Brow Zings kit from Benefit.



You’ll never be able to convince me that you can’t pull off a smoky eye. Because just like the red lip, everyone can! Neutral browns, like the ones in the natural palette from the Too Faced Le Grand Chateau box, are great for everyday wear. But if you’re not into neutral eyes, feel free to add sparkle – or color – to yours. Perfecting the smoky eye takes a lot of practice, and even then, one eye will always turn out slightly better than the other. But once you get the hang of it, it’s something you can’t live without. As Garance says, “A smoky eye is magic; it makes anyone more beautiful and mysterious.”



So this isn’t technically a Beauty Essential in her book, but I feel the first step to looking good in photos is to have a good base that won’t budge under hot lights or make you look shiny. I had never been foundation matched before, so I was amazed at how quickly the girl at Sephora pulled this off the rack when I told her what I needed. Personally, I need good coverage, but also a matte finish that would last, as my T-zone can get very oily. I’ve been using this for almost 2 months now, and have no complaints, and there’s still a ton left in the bottle, which made the nearly $50 price tag sooo worth it. And don’t worry, it comes in 35 shades to suit all skin tones!



I hope you enjoyed this little segment, and consider purchasing Garance’s book, Love Style Life to see all the other helpful tips she has in store. Eventually, I may do a post on her fashion tips, but you’ll just have to wait and see. In fact, maybe you should subscribe to me on Bloglovin so you can get updated next time I post. 😉


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