About Me


Hi there! I’m Sydney, a petite fashion blogger and Midwest prepster with a few added quirks! I’m here to make life classy in all the little ways! (Pun intended!)

I live in central Indiana, y’know, the land of corn and wheat and Holiday World. But living in a boring state doesn’t mean I  have to be boring. I’m bringing some southern-charm, lilly flair, and Kate Spade class wherever I go. I wish I could say that this blog will feature a lot of travels and unique things, but unfortunately I don’t have that kind of money (or free time!). Instead what you’ll find are OOTD posts, beauty finds, tips and tricks, tutorials, and the occasional craft or sewing project. As a high school senior, life is pretty hectic, but I’m trying to get on a schedule of uploading once a week, so if you like what you see, consider subscribing to my email list.

My fashion style is a mix of preppy and classy, vintage-vogue inspiration, with some of the latest trends sprinkled on top. I’m always adding to my collection of rose gold jewelry, pearls, monograms, funky prints, and pastels. I also seem to own an endless supply of leggings and athletic tshirts, due to the fact I’m on our local LAX team. (Indiana’s shortest goalie at 4’10”? Most likely.) Due to the fact I’m also a part of my school’s We The People team, I also own quite a few blazers, dress pants, and pencil skirts. Not typically something you find in your average teen’s closet, is it? I love finding versatile ways to mix these with my casual clothing though. If I’m going to be a lawyer and own more of these pieces anyway, I might as well make them fit and do it with style.

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(All the gorgeous pictures you see on this page? They were taken by @gracetakespictures on Instagram!)

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